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Student Athletes from the Penobscot Tigers team up with the Brooksville Panthers to form the PenBrook Wildcats athletic teams. Together we have an A and B

co-ed soccer team in the fall, Girls and Boys A and B basketball teams in the winter and in the spring baseball and softball. Our athletic goals are as followed:

Goals of the PenBrook Athletic Program

  • To develop individual and team responsibility

  • To reinforce sportsmanship: personal integrity and a sense of fair play

  • To encourage athletes to achieve and improve

  • To teach basic physical skills

  • To improve socialization, self-esteem, self-perception and a psychological well-being

  • To keep sports fun for kids and establish the basis for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong commitment to physical activity


In order to achieve these goals, students who commit to playing a team sport have certain expectations that they must meet. For detailed expectations and more information regarding our athletic policy, please reference the PenBrook Athletic Policy written in our handbook.


Athletic Director: Mrs. Charette


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