Staff Parade and Work Drop Off

Hey Parents,

We’re going to be parading through town tomorrow with help from the fire department! We’ll be dropping our last round of work off and there will be lots of staff in their vehicles. We would LOVE TO HAVE THE STUDENTS COME OUT AND WATCH AND WAVE! That will also help us know whose house we’re at:)

We’re planning to leave school at 11:30 and be done around 1:30. I’m sending our route to give you an idea of when we will be out your way. We’ll be dropping off on the right side of the road whenever possible and will have to meet some of you down by the road. If you know you’re not going to be home, you can leave a covered container by the road and we’ll drop off there, OR you can let us know and we will either deliver or you can pick the work up at school later in the week.

Also, if you have ANY student work or teacher materials that were previously sent home, PLEASE return those to school this week, whether it's completed or not. The school building door by the greenhouse will be unlocked and there are tables in that area to drop the work off. This is important and needed by teachers for grading. TOMORROW'S PARADE ROUTE We're leaving school at 11:30 heading down Southern Bay Road, turning around at C&G and dropping off all along the way. From there we’ll head up North Penobscot Road and take a right down Front Ridge Road turning around at Horsepower Farm Road. We’ll then take a right onto Back Ridge Road and onto Dog Town Road, going to High Point, Lake View and then Toddy Drive. We’ll come back out to 15 via High Point, Dog Town and Back Ridge before making a right onto 15. Turning around at the town line and then going back down North Penobscot Road dropping off at houses on the right side of the road. We'll then take a right onto Bayview, stopping at Pierces Pond Road intersection where it meets Bayview to drop off to families up there. Continuing onto Dunbar Road, taking a right onto 166/Castine Road. Then continue North on the Castine Road to the town line, turning around and continuing to make drops on the right side of the road when we can. We’ll then take a left onto New Road, a left onto Bayview and return back to school. We’ll be making phone calls this afternoon as well! See you tomorrow!!

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