So How's School?

Thea McKechnie


So How’s School?

School, a place where one learns new things, but is it more than that? School is a part of a kid’s life, a place where we socialize and learn skills that will last through the years to come. Coming back from the summer may be a little confusing for the students going to a new grade, meeting their new teacher and just getting back into the swing of things.

In the eyes of a first and second graders, Kira and Adrianna, going back to school is delightful, Delicious lunches cooked by school cook Lisa, playtime and building squirrel habitats ( with acorn top hats for the animals), and just hanging with their best friends. Fifth and sixth graders, Landon and Makayla were a little less enthusiastic. Although Landon, going to a new classroom, enjoyed the new challenges, and liked the “ Funky Flow” of things, Makayla being in the the same classroom but different grade found it a lot like last year.

In my opinion I find school is a great place, “ School is awesome” says Landon.