Peer Mediation

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Lucas Robinson


PCS Peer Mediation

This article is about the Peer Mediation process. Personally, I am in the Peer Mediation group, so I should be able to explain this pretty well. The Peer Mediation process’ purpose is to help people solve their conflicts. While the peer mediation team's goal is for your conflicts to be solved, they will not solve your problems for you, but they will guide you to make your own solutions. Unless there are threats made, Peer Mediation is confidential, meaning that no one can talk about what happened at the mediation. Peer Mediation can either be voluntary, meaning that you choose to go to Peer Mediation, but you may be appointed to go to Peer Mediation by a teacher or the other person you are mediating with. In Peer Mediation a process happens to help guide you to your destination. Firstly, The mediators introduce themselves, and the mediates will do the same. Then the mediates will share perspectives and share how each of the mediates really felt. Then the mediators will give time for the mediates to brainstorm proposals, and once a proposal is agreed upon between the mediates, the mediators will speak a resolution, and dismiss the mediates. The Peer Mediation process is made to help people solve their issues. I have some experience in this field, so I decided to report on it. I hope that this answered your questions on peer mediation, and have a good weekend.