Hancock County Spelling Bee

Summer Hardie


The Spelling Bee

Let's talk about the Hancock County Spelling Bee. To get into it you have to go through 3 rounds in your classroom with everyone participating. 4 or 5 people get into this school’s spelling bee from each classroom, for a total of 8-10. At the round in your classrooms you get a paper to write your words down, but in your school’s and the finals you don’t.

Once you’re in the school’s spelling bee you have a few rounds. The practice round and first round are easy and then as you go into the other rounds the words get harder. After all the rounds they pick 2 people as the winners and a 3rd person as an alternate. The 3rd person role is if one of the 2 people who won can’t make it to the spelling bee, she or he will be filling their place for them.

Congratulations to our 1st place winner Mason Perkins, our 2nd place winner Cameron Charette, and our 3rd place winner Chloie Judkins.

Now I bet you wonder, well how did you get a third place winner? In the rounds if people tie in the first round of spellers they do another round so that they can choose, but it's only for the people who tied.

Our contestants that won will move onto the Hancock county. I hope our contestants do good in the spelling bee.