Thea J. McKechnie



Cheerleading is a sport, let's start with that. No matter what people say, i’d like to see THEM pick up a person or do a backflip in the

air, but enough about that, let’s talk about our cheer team.

Our cheer team consists of a group of girls whose names are Nettie C., Jetta S, Mileena H, Chelsea B, Chloe S, Olivia B, Summer H,

Kaitlynn F, Norah R, and Thea M, who all work hard to show them we got spirit. For this team we have two coaches, coach Darcy,

( mostly known as the 3 and 4 grade teacher Ms. Currier) and coach Cori-lynn ( a pro coach who teaches us the routines and correct

stances) who help us understand the art of cheer.

But, what do we do? You may ask, first of all great question because that is what i’m going to talk about. Second of all during a A-boys

games we cheer during the game ( sideline cheers) and when the halftime buzzer rings we go out and, you guessed it, cheer our

halftime show, and also we cheer quarter shows after the 3rd quarter.

But enough about what you see, what about the stuff you don’t see. During the week ( the days for practice always change so THEY

don’t find out) we learn new cheers and do a LOT of stretching to keep us in shape. So when we cheer in front of a crowd we look our


Cheerleading is a part of our community and bring everyone spirit. Yes it is only a new sport it is something that will live in our

hearts. So if you come to a basketball game, cheer it, because we wanna hear it.